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Ryan Glover, B.A., CELTA: ENGL 099 / IELTS Instructor

Hello, my name is Ryan. I'm an English language instructor with seven years of international teaching experience. I've taught IELTS and university preparation classes in Qatar, Russia and Canada. When not working on this website, completing my M.A. in Global Leadership or teaching online, I'm employed as an ENGL 099 instructor preparing foreign students succeed in North America university culture. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about improving your IELTS band score. It is my hope to help as many people as possible achieve the IELTS score they need.

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"One of the fascinating facts about you and your style of teaching is the simplicity and clarity of your illustration in driving home your points connecting your message and imparting on us all. "

I'm so impressed with the way you have been handling the
teaching of IELTS classes.

Sajna K / Civil Engineer / Doha, Qatar

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